Bungie took the full-on event path overnight (our time) as they revealed a whole lot more of the keenly awaited space epic shooter Destiny 2.

Slated for a September 8 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, this one’s essentially a whole new game, rather than another add-on pack for the original Destiny. Which is possibly obvious from the big, shiny ‘2’ – please excuse our density…

From what we got to see, story-wise the game starts out with the forces of good being defeated. That’s you, that is. You’re left homeless, powerless and gear-less as Commander Ghaul and his Red Legion smack you completely down. As one of the last Guardians, so begins a huge trip across the solar system, all in the name of liberty. Yes, just like in AC’DC’s Jailbreak. Well OK, sort of.

So the quest begins to regain your powers – and seriously kick some arse.

As for more technical game aspects, Bungie are promising a hell of a lot more to do this time around. Forget wandering almost aimlessly, the vats maps will be dotted with various activities like treasure hunting and even dungeons. Three weapon slots will be available, offering more freedom to mix things up. There’ll be new classes and planets as well – even Earth gets a guernsey!

Blah, blah, blah – you want to see it, right? Here’s the official gameplay reveal trailer, although most of it looks like cutscenes to us…


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