Can’t make it to LA for E3 this year? Don’t sweat – here are the AEST press conference times for your planning pleasure.

Thankfully, this year there’s only one press conference time before 7am, and that’s EA Play on the Sunday that kicks off at a painful 5am. However, take solace in the fact that while I we’re running from venue to venue, jet-lagged, incessantly queuing up and bemoaning the poor quality of Wi-Fi, you can be watching the stream in bed whilst enjoying a bacon sandwich.

We’ll have our conference reviews posted immediately after each event has concluded to stay tuned across our social media channels.

EA – Sunday June 11, 5AM

Microsoft – Monday June 12, 7AM

Bethesda – Monday June 12, 1:30PM

Ubisoft – Tuesday June 13, 6AM

Sony – Tuesday June 13, 11AM

All above times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time.

The shows are usually streamed on Twitch and/or YouTube Gaming, so you shouldn’t have trouble tuning in.

Keep an eye on our socials to see what we’re up to while we’re in L.A.