Elgato have recently announced their foray into the 4K capture market – but that’s not all they’ve got up their sleeves.

Elgato’s new 4K capture card

Elgato have recently announced the imminent arrival of a 4K game capture card – just in time for the release of the Xbox One X.

Elgato’s 4K60 Pro will enable you to capture 4K quality game footage at 60 frames per second. It makes use of the popular instant gameview preview, so you can see what you’re doing on your computer in real-time with almost zero latency.

If you pick up a 4K60 Pro, you’ll get the unit and the HDMI cable, and you’ll want to download Elgato’s Game Capture software to make the most out of your kit.

Combine this card with a Cam Link and a Stream Deck and you’ll be a top content creator in no time.

Elgato Cam Link

Elgato have come up with a ridiculously simple replacement for webcams, which allows you to connect your own high-quality camera directly to your PC. Introducing the Cam Link.

Essentially a USB dongle for your camera, it plugs into your computer and allows the HDMI cable to be inserted into the other end. The computer is tricked into believing you’ve got a webcam connected, and allows the Cam Link to serve the same purpose. This means no more time wasted filming yourself only to discover you didn’t quite fit into the frame properly.

The Cam Link is Elgato’s ingenious way of removing the middle man from the equation. It means streamers and YouTubers can see their faces in real-time, without having to invest in a new webcam. A necessary accessory for any content creator.

Stream Deck

This one’s been around for a while, but you might’ve missed the excellent and extremely handy Stream Deck on your travels. Similar to the touch pads music producers use, Elgato’s Stream Deck is a little box for your desk that lets you program buttons to applications or actions. It features 15 LCD keys that you can customise however you desire, and program them to do anything from opening up a website to launching Twitch or any of your games. You can even design your own graphics to appear on the screens, giving you complete creative freedom.

Of course, it is a device aimed at streamers and content creators, so you can do things like switch scenes, adjust audio, and access your chat – all from the deck. It removes the need for things like macros and keyboard shortcuts, which can (and should) instead be used for kicking butt in-game.

The software for the Stream Deck is particularly user-friendly. It’s simple to plug in and work out your bearings without ever having to consult a manual – a lot of it is just dragging-and-dropping programs to assign them to buttons. The deck itself also has a couple of handy adjustable legs, so it’ll sit nicely on your desk just so, however you like it.

The best part about the Elgato Stream Deck is that it’s not just for streamers. If you spend a lot of time at your computer and find yourself switching between the same few apps or websites, the Stream Deck can help you with that, too. It’s a handy little piece of tech that won’t hurt your hip pocket.