If you’re keeping up with your Pokemon conspiracies, you’ll be all over the suggestion that Cubone is, in fact, the child of a Kangaskhan. 

It’s long been suggested that the skull and bone carried by Cubone is that of a Kangaskhan, and that the evolutionary chain was eventually supposed to lead Cubone from Marowak into Kangaskhan.

Whether you believe that theory or not, more evidence has supposedly shown up in Pokemon Sun & Moon to back it up. A new mechanic introduced into this generation of games allows wild Pokemon to call for help, with the Pokemon that appears usually being from the same evolutionary chain. In saying that, when a Cubone calls for help in the new games, guess who can sometimes appear? A Kangaskhan.

No one knows if this is a developer nod confirming the fan theory or just a nice Easter Egg they’ve included, but Eurogamer do a pretty nice summary of the theory in this clip:

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