Here’re a few little gems of information that you might not’ve known about this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Over 70,000 people attended this year’s show.

A staggering audience of 42 million watched E3 content on Twitch.

From the 70,000 attendees, 50,300 were video game developers, analysts and journalists.

The terrible public Wi-Fi at E3 is still better than anything found in Australia.

More than 1,600 products were on display.

Free gum distributed at the show actually tasted like the smell of Deep Heat.

E3 Live apparently attracted 20,000 fans, although it didn’t look like that to us.

Twitter registered seven million E3-themed posts.

More decibels were measured in the toilets at E3 than on the show floor.

Instagram had 500,000 E3-related likes on posts.

There were 250 exhibitors present.

Incredibly, STACK didn’t record one single hangover.