Did you head down to the Grand Prix on the weekend and now fancy yourself a bit of an F1 driver? Live the dream in your own home with Thrustmaster.

You’ll know by now that it’s easy enough to get your hands on a reliable wheel and pedal setup for your home gaming room – one that’ll further immerse you into the best racing sims of the generation. However, you might be surprised to know that it doesn’t stop at just that. Thrustmaster have recently further improved the immersion available to those with in-home racing sims with their BT LED PS4 display.

It’s got 15 built-in LEDs that function as a tacho and show you your RPM, a central gear number indicator, left and right alphanumeric displays, six warning LEDs, and adjustable brightness, and it’s the perfect solution for the racer that has it all.

If that weren’t enough, and you fancy yourself a bit of a stick shifter, also available is the TH8A shifter. The TH8A is compatible with most wheels, and can be configured for H shifting or sequential, whichever you prefer.


There’s always a way to make your racing kit stand out from the crowd. Check out the rest of Thrustmaster’s racing gear to get the best possible setup.