The popular Farming Simulator series is back. We quizzed developer GIANTS Software’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Martin Rabl, on where the series gets its realism, and what fans can expect from the latest entry. 

This year’s instalment in the Farming Simulator series, Farming Simulator 17, is the most advanced yet, upholding the tradition of introducing new and improved machinery and animals. Now there are more than 250 vehicles and tools from 75 different manufacturers.

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“Our major new partner is AGCO, who’ve given us access to popular brands like Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra,” explains Martin Rabl, Marketing and Communications Manager on the title. “Aside from the obvious tractors, there are many other vehicles and machines farmers have to work with. For example: ploughs, cultivators, sowing machines, fertilisers, manure spreaders and sprayers are all used to prepare your fields. Different combine harvesters are also needed for crops, potatoes, sugar beets or sunflowers. Trailers are needed to transport goods. Outside of the fields, a whole different set of machinery is used in the forests, where you can quickly cut and de-branch trees.”

As always, the developers behind Farming Simulator – GIANTS Software – have paid close attention to what the fans want, and have implemented the most-requested changes from the community.

“Many of our devs read the forums and post there to give people answers or clarifications,” explains Rabl. “For the very passionate modding community, we also set up modder teamspeak calls, which help them get the most out of their mods. Of course, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also very important platforms and we support content creators as well as we can.

“There are also a lot of features we’ve added because the community suggested them. For example, based on their feedback we added manual engine starts and the ability to be able to leave the lights on when leaving the tractor. In Farming Simulator 17, you will be able to tip your goods almost anywhere on the map – not just at dedicated selling or storage points.”

Rabl notes that a community highlight this year was FarmCon 16. “This was our very own Farming Simulator community event, with over 250 participants, which took place at an event farm in the German countryside.”

This dedicated playerbase is what keeps the series trucking on after all these years. Those returning for Farming Simulator 17 will not be disappointed, with a host of new vehicles and animals available. “We have many more new vehicles available now. It’s the largest fleet of the series so far.”

It’s clear that there will be more choices available no matter which career path you choose to take. “More fruit types (sunflowers, soybeans, oil radish), more animals (pigs), more types of machines, and more transportation methods,” promises Rabl. “Added layers of realism like multiple fertiliser states or manual engine starts are great features for those who want deeper gameplay. Of course, if you’re more of a casual player, you’ll be glad to hear that many of these features are fully optional.” And let’s not forget the inclusion of mods on console, too.

Rabl also promises a ton of post-launch support. “We will continue adding content to the game via DLC, in addition to all the free user-generated content our players will have access to via the mod portal – integrated in both the PC and console versions.”