1987 was another top year for gamers, with a new supercomputer to play with, SEGA’s Out Run burning up the world’s arcades, and new franchises born – Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Phantasy Star and more – that endure to this day. Plus, there was some top biffo…

Game Changers! Street Fighter

It may be Street Fighter II that everybody treasures in their memories, but it wouldn’t have existed if not for the original Street Fighter. Capcom’s smash brawler series kicked (and punched) off in ’87, introducing the six-button control system, and special moves that were pulled off by a series of button combos. A one-player experience starring Ryu, a second player (Ken) could also enter and fight the first.

Game Changers! Amiga 500

While Commodore’s Amiga 1000 computer debuted in 1985, it was 1987 when the system really took off, thanks to the release of the more affordable 500 variant. It soon found itself the home computer of choice for Aussies graduating from the Commodore 64, and the quantum leap in quality of games that it brought was a huge contributing factor. With specialised graphics and sound chips and speedy 16-bit architecture, home gamers had never had it so good.

Game Changers! Metal GearTalk about a milestone! What is considered by many as ground zero for the stealth game genre, Metal Gear for the big-in-Japan MSX2 computer was also the first full game realised by rock star developer Hideo Kojima. It was a port to the Nintendo Entertainment System that established the franchise in the west, introducing us all to special forces operative Solid Snake in a top-down, 2D format, before things went 3D third-person in later years.