The Crew 2 is back and bigger than ever, and hits consoles this month, with more ways to experience the land of the free, home of the brave. We found out everything you need to know – courtesy of Stéphane Beley, game director – about Ubisoft’s sequel.

What kind of feedback did you receive from The Crew?

The feedback we receive from our players is our most crucial tool to improving overall gameplay as well as satisfying and exciting our community. In fact, the inspiration for TC2 came from the way our community played The Crew. We noticed players creatively exploring the world we had created, and crafting new challenges from themselves and their friends. This was a sign for us to design a game to encourage and nurture this kind of gameplay, allowing our players to not only follow the natural progression of the game, but to be creative and adventurous in the process.

One of the team’s top priorities in TC2 has been providing first class graphics quality. In all aspects it has been the goal to provide the highest standards in textures, lighting and definition to create a realistic experience. The vehicles represented in the game are 100% faithful to the real models no matter which angle they are viewed from. Second to this is the landscape in the open world. Whether it be the beautiful skylines of the cities, the life-like vegetation in the open country, or the 3D volumetric clouds, each aspect of the world’s design has been pushed to its limits graphically.

For gameplay, a major aspect we wanted to improve upon was vehicle handling. The handling characteristics are unique to each individual vehicle. As in real life, the player will have to adapt to the different vehicles and the terrains they are best suitable for. The tweaks and changes made are to ensure the handling is as true to the original as possible.

What changes have been made to how players will progress through the story?

The player in The Crew 2 writes their own story. Rather than playing the role of a designed character, they have the freedom to choose their own avatar and then create their own path within the game. All racing disciplines are split into four major motorsport families: Street racing, Off-Road, Pro Racing and Freestyle. Players are able to engross themselves into the family that most suits their style. The narration of TC2 is non-linear allowing players to start anywhere they please. They can play which ever story missions they would prefer and are free to jump from each family to another depending on their game style.

Progression in The Crew 2 is based on the XP scale: Fame, earning notoriety in a discipline by the number of followers you can attain. As you gain more followers newer disciplines will become available. Followers are achieved in a number of ways such as completing missions and winning races, but there are many exciting side challengers scattered around the world that if completed will earn fame for the player. Players can even gain followers simply by executing stunts and tricks, looking for treasures and taking pictures while free roaming the open world.

Will having a preference in one discipline of racing affect your experiences in the others?

The Crew 2 is has a non-linear progression model so players can choose to tackle any of the 14 motorsport disciplines in any order and switch seamlessly. Being able to offer a wide range of motorsports experiences allows the player to realise their potential in the open world. Having this variety is something that our players have been asking for; this not only includes variety in different types of challenges, but also open world exploration, competition races and stunts.

What kind of customisation for both the player and vehicles can we expect?

Player vehicles are fully customisable whether it be visuals, aesthetics or mechanics. Customisation options will differ vehicle to vehicle, for instance street racing vehicles have some of the most extensive range of visual customs parts, but you can also customize your vehicle by creating your very own sticker with The Crew 2 sticker editor.

Mechanical parts and customisations are obtained by collecting loot. Loot items for your vehicles are only available by completing challenges and through progression of the corresponding disciplines. The quality of the parts obtained are related to the player’s level of fame.

How scaled is the map?

The map is a new take on the USA and is completely reshaped. Cities have been built from ground up to allow new motorsports challenges to take place in the streets, through countless shortcuts and even on the rooftops. Players will notice unique environments and terrain suitable for different events including aerobatics, powerboating and rally raid to name a few. Each unique environment is scaled so you can conquer it with all racing disciplines weather it by on the land, water or in the air! Perfect spots have been designed everywhere on the map and dedicated to specific disciplines: you’ll find a motocross track in the heart of Los Angeles, Air Race gates on the top of Manhattan buildings and other signs that the entire world has been completely taken over by motorsports.

Will players who play with their friends have an advantage over those who only play with AI?

Except for a few specific events such as the Live Xtreme Series, the entire game is playable in solo and coop modes. The huge open world and variety of vehicles holds great potential for fun in multiplayer or solo formats, especially with the addition of our new Fast Fav feature, which will cause some crazy interactions with other players and AI. We have designed progression so that when you play coop, you only need one player to win the challenge in order for the whole crew to loot. But bottom line is: we all firmly believe that you’ll never have as much fun in a game as when you play with your friends.

What was involved in getting the licensing for all the different vehicles – planes, bikes, boats, and cars?

We are thrilled by all the vehicles and manufacturers that are featured in The Crew 2: there are more than 250 vehicles in our line-up, from more than 50 prestigious brands including. Being able to allow our players to experience a realistic open world is a core part of the game. Having great car brands like Harley-Davidson, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, plane and boat licences like Zivko and DCB and so many more. This incredible variety of vehicles adds to this experience and gives our players a tremendous line-up for launch. Being able to allow our players to experience a realistic open world is a core part of the game.

Will the game feature a photo mode?

The Crew 2 will feature a photo mode giving access to a complete range of tools through a LiveApp feature, which will allow them to capture their favourite and most exciting moments. Live App feature contains Live Track, Live Replay and Live Video Editor.

Live Track will record the last ten minutes of gameplay showing player movements on the world map, Live Replay give the player the opportunity to create a custom video clip of their experience and the Live Video Editor is the most advanced option allowing players to get creative with their editing options.

In addition, players will be able to share their creations on social media with a wave of the hand.

Is The Crew 2 a permanently online game, or is there an option to play offline?

TC2’s world is tailored to provide players with shared opportunities, allowing them to compete not only in the solo gameplay but also within the community. Online connection is mandatory to provide players with this core experience of the game.

What post-launch options are you looking at?

At this stage we are focusing on providing the best experience for our players in The Crew 2. Stay tuned for more information about post launch options!

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