Bungie’s acclaimed first-person shooter Destiny is back for round two. We quizzed David Dague – better known to the Destiny community as Deej – on what we Guardians can expect from the blockbuster sequel, Destiny 2.

Darkness falls across the land. Lord Ghaul and his Cabal Red Legion have attacked Earth and the Tower, leaving nothing but rubble in their wake and relieving the Guardians of their Light – the source of their power. This new enemy is here for The Traveller, and Bungie community manager David Dague, AKA Deej, explains the villain wants nothing but The Last Word.

“Ghaul sees himself as the hero of his own story,” offers Deej. “The commander of the Cabal Red Legion has conquered countless worlds. Now, he has his sights set on Earth, and The Traveller. With Destiny 2, we wanted to send an enemy against the Guardians that would set them on the retreat. In the original reveal, game director Luke Smith jokingly referred to Ghaul as being like Alan Rickman’s character from Die Hard – ‘minus all the Britishness.’ That characterisation points to the confidence, intelligence, and deadly intent that he brings against our home as he arrives with his attack fleet.”

With that in mind, we can expect a relentless onslaught from Ghaul’s legions. To have the best hope of victory, you’re going to need some new ways to take on your enemies. Of course, to veteran Destiny players, this means new subclasses for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters.

“Destiny has always been an experience that has challenged players to master new forms of combat,” and Deej reminds us that when it comes to creating new subclasses, it’s more than just the team picking a new element like fire or lightning to play around with. “When we choose new ones, we focus on compelling hero fantasies that can complement and counter each other in battle. Each subclass should serve a unique role in the fight, and each should embrace an exciting archetype that will appeal to different players for different reasons.”

Deej offers us a deeper dive into the intricacies of the new classes. “In Destiny 2, we’ve refined the way players customise their Guardians. In addition to choosing movement modes and grenade types, each subclass has two clear paths that unlock a different playstyle for the player. Destiny 2 will debut three brand new subclasses – the Warlock Dawnblade, Titan Sentinel, and Hunter Arcstrider.

“The Dawnblade summons a flaming sword (Daybreak) that you can hurl at foes while floating in the air above. Sentinels summon a devastating shield that can be thrown at range, used up close in melee combat, or deployed to block incoming damage. Arcstriders summon an arc staff and become an acrobatic combatant. We’ve also brought back some classic subclasses, too, including the Titan Striker, Hunter Gunslinger and Warlock Voidwalker – with a fresh twist for each.”

Of course, what would new subclasses be without an armoury of new weapons? The folks at Bungie have all your ‘exotic’ requirements covered, even including two new types of weapons in Destiny 2 – SMGs and grenade launchers.

According to Deej, in the sequel, your weapon management will be a little different.

Destiny 2 features new weapon categories that were designed to expand on your freedom to fight in the ways you prefer. Your kinetic weapons are focused on pure damage. Your energy weapons are optimised for taking down enemy shields. The same archetypes can occupy each slot. If you really love hand cannons, you can equip them in both! Your third slot is for power weapons. In the right hands, these are the one-shot, one-kill weapons, like shotguns, sniper rifles, or even fusion rifles.”

Finally, those returning from the original Destiny may expect some sort of honour guard, and Deej offers some Super Good Advice on the subject: “Destiny 2 will recognise returning players and honour their heritage as veterans of our community. We can’t wait for you to see exactly how.”

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