We found out everything you need to know about the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ, releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One January 26! 

How long ago was the decision made to bring back a traditional 2D fighting game to the DB series?

This is not the first time BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. and Arc System Works have worked together on a project. Both parties have worked before on Nintendo 3DS’ Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden. While working on it, our side (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.) had a vision to work together and make a full-scale fighting game suitable with new high-end next generation consoles in the future. Because as we all know, Arc System Works is renowned for their visually-gorgeous work on 2D fighting games such as Guilty Gear and Blazblue. Therefore, we believe that working with Arc System Works will realise our vision of making a great 2D fighting game.

What kind of story can we expect?

The main concept of this game’s story mode is for the players themselves to be in the Dragon Ball character’s body, and fight their battles! At the beginning of the story, Goku and all his friends fell into an unconscious state due to some strange powers. The players will then link with the spirit of Goku, and able to fight using Goku’s body. In this game, we have three story arcs: “Super Warriors Arc” where you link to Goku and his allies; link with Frieza and other villains in the “Villain Arc”; or become Android 18 in the “Android Arc”. In parts of the story, you can also encounter an original character—that was supervised by Akira Toriyama, “Android 21”. With dashing visuals and thrilling stories, we can assure you that this game will give a new meaning to the “Dragon Ball Experience”.

What was involved in the creation of Android 21?

The story that we provide would not work without the presence of Android 21, because she’s deeply involved in the course of the story. Because she’s so important, and we need to assure that she will look at her best, we asked Shueisha for Akira Toriyama to supervise the design—and not only did he approve, but he drew an illustration for us! Even though she’s an original character, we hope that she’ll be welcomed to the Dragon Ball family by fans around the world.

What kind of game modes can we expect?

The players will enter a “FighterZ Lobby”, and they can select which type of battles to play; such as “Arena Match” ,“Circle Match”—where players can decide their own rules, or “Ranked Match” where the result of your battles reflect on your online rankings.

How do you decide on the characters’ appearances throughout the game?

For this point, we didn’t decide by limiting the appearance from a certain arc, but what we wanted to do is to present the characters in a way that the player imagines. This was very difficult, because as we all know Dragon Ball is an IP with great amount of history. Sometimes when we tried to recreate the original work, some parts might have seemed a little bit “old-fashioned”. Therefore, we discussed with Arc System Works on how to depict what fans think of Goku and other characters in this game. Since then, I felt that we’ve done our best to not only recreate, but “evolve” the imagery in the fans’ minds, and deliver the striking visuals that Dragon Ball has always had.

What can you tell us about the inclusion of the Ultimate Skills?

For this game, because we’re so committed to the concept of a “Real Fighting Game”, the insertion of light, medium, and heavy attacks is a must—as those were the basics of fighting games. However, the commands for this game are relatively easier compared to other fighting games. For example, when you continuously press the button for medium attacks, you can unleash an Ultimate Skill. However, despite the easier controls, players must be able to strategise on how will they attack because of the 3-on-3 battle aspect. Therefore, this game will be enjoyable for both casual and core players.

What kind of help is included for players new to fighting games?

Ever since the planning days for this project, we’re committed to make this game enjoyable for people who have never played a fighting game before. We’ve prepared plenty of support such as “Training Mode” for one, while we also provide tutorials within the story mode. In addition, although I answered this in the previous question, the combination of both “simple commands” and “importance to strategise” can help even new players to enjoy the game in various ways.

How do you decide which characters will be used in the game?

Although there were several standards that we used to decide the characters, our main focus was to include characters that can create a dynamic in the battle—with their own respective skill uniqueness. That’s why you might see some characters that are different from the usual Dragon Ball games appear in this game.

How do you decide on each character’s movesets?

Basically, the skill moves that we chose for the characters were the moves from the original work that were close to every Dragon Ball fans’ hearts. However, the skill’s usage was also one part to consider—that’s why we thought each character’s uniqueness helped this game to perform.

What kind of character customisation can players expect?

For the battle part, players can collect more than 10 colour variations for each character so they can battle with the colour that shows their true self! In terms of lobby characters, we also have different variations from Goku to Bulma—along with their colour variations. We expect the lobby to be filled with unique and cute characters of the players’ choosing.

Does Dragon Ball FighterZ include microtransactions?

We currently don’t have plans for Micro-transactions in this game.

What kind of items will be available in the in-game shop?

In the game, players can collect multiple items such as “Lobby Characters” and “Z Stamps” in the “Hoi-poi Capsule” Shop. Use the in-game Zeni at “Hoi-poi Capsule”, and you’ll be surprised about what you can get in there!

Will Dragon Ball FighterZ feature any Xbox One X enhancements?

We’re planning to implement an up-scale in graphics for Xbox One X.

What kind of post-launch content can players expect?

Currently we’re planning to have 8 additional characters, along with small items for post-launch content. In the case free updates, although we don’t have specific plans at this point of time, we are positively looking into this option.

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