This month, we find out which games make Dana Nightingale, campaign designer on Deathloop at Arkane Studios Lyon, tick.

What’s the first game that you remember playing?
I started playing games in the early 1980s on an Atari 800, so it’s a tossup between Pac-Man and Donkey Kong or Super Breakout. The first game I played on the forebearer to modern PCs was Star Trek 25th Anniversary.

What was the last game that you finished?
I recently enabled PlayStation Plus and re-played Bloodborne with multiplayer turned on. By the time this goes to print I will probably have completed the Cloudpunk DLC City of Ghosts and plan to play Tell Me Why next.

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why

What’s your favourite video game of all time?
Impossible to answer! I’ve played thousands of games. How could anyone pick one as their favourite of all time?!

What do you think is the most underrated video game of all time?
I can’t point to a single game. In general, I think smaller games in niche genres created by diverse teams tend to get overlooked by the gaming media. I’d like to see them get the same level of focus that tends to be given to auteur directors or blockbuster franchises.

What’s the game that you most wish you’d worked on?
Maybe the original System Shock, but be careful what you wish for. Working on a game means you can never experience it like a player would, so this is like choosing which game I loved that I’d want to ruin for myself!