Chris Ryan is a JB Hi-Fi veteran, having worked with the company for over 10 years. Before landing a job at the Frankston store, he worked up in QLD. He tells us you get a wide variety of folks down his way.

“It’s a good cross-section. Between us and the Bayside store, we’re kind of the most southern stores until you hit Tassie. You get a lot of people in who maybe used to play video games in their youth, and haven’t for a while, but now have kids so they’ve gotten back into it. You get tradies coming in tracking mud through the store wanting to play the latest thing that lets them kill people. Of course, we get a lot of hardcore gamers too; usually PC players that don’t necessarily still buy their games on discs but come in to get the latest Razer keyboards or the like.”

Chris is amazed at the way Fortnite seems to have snuck its way into the global consciousness in the way that it has.

“It’s kind of a strange situation at the moment. Fortnite’s the biggest thing in the world right now, but we don’t necessarily sell it. The company is definitely trying to capitalise on it by selling PlayStation and Xbox cards to support the online part of it, and headset sales have just gone through the roof. People who would never have been playing games six months ago are getting told to play by their mates or their kids. It’s a phenomenon. All of a sudden people are changing their habits to accommodate for this one thing.”

With E3 approaching, Chris says a lot of customers are coming in looking to pre-order, and many are scouting for coveted collector’s editions.

Red Dead [Redemption 2] should really start kicking off in pre-orders soon, especially after the show. We’re on that sort of cusp of E3, where people are waiting to see what will be announced. It’s interesting that people might put off pre-ordering certain types of games, too, because they’re waiting to see what special editions or collector’s editions will be announced.”