We caught up with Sarah from JB Hi-Fi South Wharf to see how games are tracking in her store. 

DFO South Wharf is a high-traffic tourist area, with plenty of hotels and accommodation nearby. As Sarah Gay, Games Coordinator, tells us, this means the local JB Hi-Fi shifts a lot of Nintendo consoles.

‘We have quite a lot of people who come in from interstate and overseas – it’s a really big tourist area,” she says. “People will come in here to see if there’s anything they can’t get overseas. We definitely have heaps of people coming in to buy Nintendo Switch consoles. The Switch is doing so well here because of its portability; you can take it anywhere, and I see a lot of people pick it up to take with them on a plane. It’s an entry-level gaming experience that you can play no matter if you’re a kid or a bit older – a way to dip your toes into the gaming area if you’re not too familiar with it.”

Sarah loves giving recommendations to customers that come to South Wharf as regulars.

“One of my favourite parts of being in games is when people come in, and you might ask them if they need any help, and they tell you they’re just looking. You might get to talking with them and they’ll tell you what they’ve been playing lately and you can make a recommendation based on that. For example if they’re playing a lot of Uncharted, you might want to suggest they grab Tomb Raider. Then they’ll come back and tell you how much they loved your recommendation and ask if you have anything else they would like.”

South Wharf was one of the few stores to get collectors’ edition allocation for Spider-Man on PS4, and pre-orders for that went crazy.

God of War also pre-ordered really well. When we take pre-orders here it’s usually as soon as something is announced, and then when the special editions get announced, I’ll give people a call and see if they want to upgrade. Anything Nintendo also pre-orders really well here.”