STACK‘s Roving Reporter stops in at JB Hi-Fi Springvale to chat games with the manager of the games department: Andy Crowhurst.

If you’re looking forward to God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2, you’d get on well with Andy Crowhurst of JB Hi-Fi Springvale. The games coordinator has just finished Assassin’s Creed Origins – which was “super rad”, in case you were wondering – and says most of the locals down in Springy are dedicated PlayStation gamers.

“We sell a lot of manga games, a lot of Japanese games – Dragon Ball especially is super popular.”

Andy loves the variety of customers that come through his doors, but he also appreciates the regulars that make a habit of coming back.

“I’ve always been about giving a good level of customer service. I’ve got guys who come in here who have bought multiple consoles and tons of games over the years. I love the people who will come in and buy whatever I recommend for them. Over time, people will take your advice and usually buy whatever you’ve played and think is good. It’s great to be able to have the personal connection with the customers.”

While Far Cry 5 pre-ordered really well in the lead-up to its release last month, there’s also been a considerable amount of interest in this month’s God of War and, perhaps surprisingly, Nintendo Labo.

“I put a bunch of signage up in the section and the pre-orders just started flowing in. It’s mostly for the Variety Pack – probably because there’s more in it – but there’s been some interest in the Robot Kit, too.”

What’s Andy looking forward to playing most later this year?

“I can’t wait for next Red Dead Redemption. It’s gonna be sick. I’m also really keen on the next Last of Us – but who knows when we’re gonna see that. The first one was like playing through a movie.”