Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone, and the kids have been morphed into LEGO form for your enjoyment in LEGO: The Incredibles.

We threw a few questions at Richard Greer, assistant game director, to find out what to expect from the new game.

How long have you been working on the game?

We’ve been working on LEGO The Incredibles for a year and a half, or maybe just short. We started with the team that finished the LEGO Ninjago Movie game and went straight into making The Incredibles. We used what we had done with Ninjago and used it as the basis for The Incredibles.

What was it like working with Disney and Pixar, especially in regards to getting access to The Incredibles 2?

Disney and Pixar have been really fantastic to be honest. Everything that we asked – any information we tried to get from them, they were obliging and providing. We’ve seen early cuts of the film as they’ve been coming through production, so we’ve been able to stay very faithful to the story, and making sure the visuals are all right, so when you’re playing the game you can marry it to the movie nicely. They’ve been really great to work with, and hopefully we’ll get to work with them again in the future.

What kind of multiplayer can we expect?

There will be couch co-op. The essence of the LEGO games has always been that you can play together in the same room, so couch co-op is really important to us. You’ll be able to play through the entire game – all of the story of The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 – as well as our new Hub content in co-op multiplayer.

What kind of Easter eggs can fans expect?

Being that it’s a Pixar game – obviously they’re the masters of the easter egg, so we’ve tried to play off on that a little bit. We’ve included quite a few little references, some of them subtle some of them a bit more obvious. I wouldn’t want to spoil any of them so you’ll just have to play the game and see how many you can discover.

Will gameplay be exclusively story from the films, or is there more to it?

The main story levels of the game do follow the original film and The Incredibles 2, as well as we also have a big open world hub which includes what we call crime waves. Various districts throughout the Hub – as you’re exploring you’ll find that some of them have been taken over by gangs of criminals. You’ll complete various missions and story content to defeat those, and that’s all bespoke narrative that we’ve written for the game, which is really exciting for us because it means we get to add to the canon of The Incredibles by putting in new enemies, and new bosses. So yeah – it covers the entire first and second movies as well as adding new story points people won’t have seen before.

Finally, will we get to see Mr Incredible taking on some household chores, or is it more about the action?

It’s all about fighting crime really. In terms of exploring the world you’ll see bits of the story where it includes some of the downtime, but really we wanted to keep it as action-packed as possible. When they’re suited up – that’s essentially what people want to see.

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