It was the game that set the franchise on a record-breaking trajectory. Now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been rebooted for 2019. STACK recently had the opportunity to speak with producer Dino Verano.

We started by asking how far out and who made the decision to reboot Modern Warfare?

“I’d say around three years ago or so, and I believe that the person who made the suggestion was actually Pat Kelly [Infinity Ward head],” Verano says. “We’ve always been huge fans of the series and I think that as soon as it was suggested, everyone was immediately on board and incredibly excited for a chance to bring back Modern Warfare as a franchise.”

A word that kept surfacing after the game was unveiled in April is ‘authenticity’. At an Infinity Ward E3 roundtable this year, the developers onstage spoke about bringing a more realistic military feel to the series, and this is something Verano affirms.

“One great example of this is actually the weapons. A lot of the guns that are in the game have been inspired or actually taken from the real world. Everything from the way they shoot, the way they feel, the way they move, the way they sound, has kind of been inspired by real-life – including the size of the bullets and the ballistics physics that go along with that.

“So if you’re shooting a 9mm versus a 762 versus a 50cal, all of the bullet physics are actually taken from the real world, so whether you’re shooting through wood or sheet metal or anything like that, it’s based on realistic bullet physics. Now of course there have to be some changes that are taken, right, for gameplay reasons, such as some pistols actually had a much longer range in the game than we originally thought would be possible.”

“Players will be put in these intense situations where they’re forced to make these really quick, split-second decisions.”

Call of Duty is primarily built on three pillars: campaign, multiplayer and co-op, and while the majority of gamers make a beeline for CoD on an annual basis for its multiplayer offer, the campaign, according to Infinity Ward, is still an important part of the picture. The online push back from Treyarch’s decision to omit the single-player from last year’s Black Ops 4 seems to support that.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

“The campaign was always on the table for Modern Warfare. A strong narrative and a strong campaign has always been part of Modern Warfare‘s DNA – single player is incredibly important,” says Verano. “I think that you can expect to see something gritty, authentic, and maybe something surprising as well.”

Can we expect the same level of nerve-racking gameplay that we witnessed in our behind-closed-doors presentation?

“That is definitely one of our more tense levels and it’s just a small part of the overall offering that you will see in campaign,” remarks Verano. “We will have a lot of different engagements of sizes and shapes, and of course there will be some lighter moments as well. But yes, you can expect that throughout the campaign, players will be put in these intense situations where they’re forced to make these really quick, split-second decisions.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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