Razer have just introduced a new gaming headset that won’t break the bank – the Razer Electra V2.

The Razer Electra V2 is a new and improved Electra can be used for gaming or even music audio. Its 40mm drivers are small enough that the earcups aren’t huge, and the plush, leatherette cups ensure a snug fit every time.The Electra V2 has a durable aluminium frame – so it will survive being thrown across the room – and offers great sound isolation meaning you can really focus on whatever you have to be listening to.

The headset features a removable mic and 7.1 surround sound, and the best part is it connects using a 3.5mm adapter; it’ll fit pretty much any device, from your Xbox One or PS4 to your PC or mobile phone. You can also get a slightly more expensive version that connects via USB, if that’s more your stule. The Electra V2 even has on-ear controls that let you change the volume and mute/unmute the mic, without having to search for controls on the wire.

If you have a particularly strange-shaped head, the Electra V2 may not be the best for you, as there aren’t many options for resizing or adjusting the headset, but it will fit most noggins. It’s also lacking Razer’s signature Chroma lighting setup, but coming in at under $100, it’s one of the best bangs for your buck you can get as far as gaming headsets are concerned.

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