Kurt Van Den Berg is a classic example of somebody who got in on the ground floor and worked their way up. STACK‘s Roving Reporter has a chat with him about all things games.

Just over five years ago Kurt did work experience at JB, they kept him on as a Christmas casual, then he advanced to a permanent position in games. He worked on to become Games Coordinator, “Then, maybe a year after that, I moved down to Melbourne – and here I am!”

When it comes to gaming, Kurt says, “I’m a PlayStation boy myself, but I’ve always got a soft spot for Nintendo.” The latter plays out in his choice of all-time top game. “Hands down Zelda – Ocarina of Time on the N64 would probably be my favourite. Classic! Zelda is what got me into gaming – I have a whole collectors’ shelf with all the amiibos and stuff.”

I’m a PlayStation boy myself, but I’ve always got a soft spot for Nintendo

Even Kurt’s favourite soundtrack, that of Twilight Princess, reflects his Zelda passion. “It’s just so melodic and calm, but then so dark and twisted at the same time.”

The Zelda lovin’ stretches to what Kurt’s playing now, too. “I’m still playing Breath of the Wild – still haven’t completed it. I also recently got Mario Party and Mario Kart, so the household and I are still playing them. It was very much a Nintendo Christmas.”

Breath of the Wild

Kurt wasn’t alone there, as his best-sellers lately have all been Nintendo. “We just sell out of all our Switch accessories, Switch games and even the consoles most rapidly. Nintendo’s just going off here!”

When asked what he loves most about working in games, Kurt is enthusiastic. “It’s just the passion for games. You know that anyone who walks into the games department plays them, so you can just instantly break down the barrier and go, ‘What are you playing?’ and you start having a conversation about it. It’s just so natural and authentic.”

As far as upcoming releases are concerned, it’s Anthem all the way. “Everybody’s getting excited for Anthem right now. Far Cry New Dawn’s doing alright as well – Ubisoft always pull out good games with those ones.”

Kurt shares the anticipation for Anthem: “I’ve got a few mates who are excited to play it – we’ve been excited since, like, 2016. So, I think Anthem’s the big one. Not much longer now!”