Ashton Rudd, games coordinator at JB Modbury in Adelaide, may not consider himself to be a born gamer, but he brings a wealth of experience to his position.

“I’m actually not a massive gamer,” he tells us. “I do like games, but I’m a musician by trade so that’s what I spend most of my time doing. But I do get around to a handful of games, like Rage 2 – we’ve done a massive display for it. So, yeah, I try to when I have the time, but being an adult is hard!”

Having worked at JB for ten years now this month, Ashton tells a familiar story of the way many we’ve spoken to got their start at JB Hi-Fi.

“Through friends of friends. I started at the Gepps Cross store when that first opened, and went from a part-time processing job into full time. From then I’ve run all sorts of departments, and have been the games co-ordinator now for around eight months.”

This relatively new position for Ashton has seen him impressed by the passion that gamers bring to the store.

“It’s exciting seeing people getting hyped about new releases that are coming out”

“They’re very passionate about their stuff, like they just lose themselves in their games. It’s exciting seeing people getting hyped about new releases that are coming out, and just being able to riff about them with them.”

With his gaming time at a premium, does Ashton have a console preference?

“I’ve got both a PS4 and Xbox One. This is the first time I’ve ever had an Xbox though, so it’s been kind of new to me. But I personally prefer PlayStation – the controller just feels better.”

We suspect that Ashton has been underplaying his affinity with games, as he’s been at them for a decent chunk of time. His GOAT? Ashton doesn’t pause before answering enthusiastically.

StarCraft. I’ve been playing that since 1998. When I am a gamer, it’s about StarCraft. I’ve been playing that game for years and years and years – love that game! My all-time top games character is Jim Raynor. He’s a gun, he’s awesome – like all-round best guy, 100 per cent!”

So, is there any particular game on the horizon that has Ashton excited?

Rage 2 was what I was really hanging out for, now it’s Borderlands 3.”