The key to working with games is to love what you’re selling – and for it to show. JB Claremont’s Chris Popham has a rich gaming history – and he’s still into the classic gear as much as the new tech.

“I’m really into the retro stuff – really old, like Nintendo 64 and SNES games. I still have all the consoles. I still play new games as well, but I’m really into retro.”

So, his allegiance is to Nintendo then? “I do love Nintendo. I love the old Nintendo, then I skipped Wii and Wii U, but I’m really into Switch now.”

Chris has been games coordinator at Claremont for eight years now. So, how did he get the gig? “I was originally working elsewhere, and I just saw the job pop up for a games coordinator and I applied for it on a whim – and I got it!”

When it comes to his customers, Chris is enthusiastic – and it’s catching. “They get excited with you. If you’re excited about something they also get really excited as well. It’s good to see, it definitely puts a smile on my face.”

As for what’s most popular in his store, Chris says that FIFA is it. “FIFA is ridiculously popular every year, it’s always off the charts!” Recently though, it’s been Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. “Sekiro has been selling extremely well. I think I played it for about 11 minutes and gave up – it’s too hard! I’ll go back to it though.”

“I still play new games as well, but I’m really into retro”

When asked what his prize gaming collection piece is, Chris is quick to respond. “I have a Nintendo 64, and I have a copy of StarCraft 64, which is pretty rare. It still works, and I still plug it in every now and then. I remember buying it, and hyperventilating leaving the store because I found it!”

As for what he’s currently playing, that retro vibe remains. “I just started playing Final Fantasy X/X-2 on Switch, the remaster.”

It isn’t all about the retro though, with Chris most looking forward to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. “It looks quite good. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for them to release another RPG Star Wars game, ever since Knights of the Old Republic II, which I still play.”