In these somewhat strange times that we’re going through, many are finding solace in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. Jack Kerrigan at JB Home in Gepps Cross is no exception.

Not only is it currently his best seller, he’s also spending quality time playing it with his partner.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the big one for us so far. We were sold out in a couple of hours, it was insane! I share a Switch with my partner and we’re on the same island, so the first thing we realised was ‘Oh, we have to share our resources’. There was a lot of bickering at first, but now we’ve learned to share and plan together, which is fun.”

Jack’s been at JB for almost 10 years now, getting his start as many other store veterans did.

“As of September, it will be my 10 years. I was in DVDs part-time, and then about two years after that I got hired full-time and put my hand up for games coordinator.”

Working in DVDs was fun, but the games section really is the place where Jack belongs.

“It’s pretty much in my blood now. I get really excited about parents buying consoles for their kids, when the kids have saved up all their money for it. That’s when it really hits me, and reminds me of when I was little and I did exactly the same thing.”

“I love all three consoles evenly – you know, like what people say about their children!”

Jack was playing games from an early age, too.

“I’ve been gaming since my parents bought my family a Yoshi’s Island Super Nintendo pack. I’ve been a gamer since then – mainly consoles, never really PC. I’m a bit lazy, so with consoles I’m just like ‘I know the game works, put in in, I’ll play my little heart out!’”

While he started out a Nintendo kid, Jack finds himself more console agnostic nowadays.

“I love all three consoles evenly – you know, like what people say about their children! I’m really impressed with the Xbox One X, my partner has the PS4… It’s just about exclusives, if there’s a really exciting exclusive like Death Stranding, Spider-Man or a new Halo game coming, you better believe I want to play that. I love them all evenly, but for the really chilled games the Nintendo Switch is my baby – don’t tell the others that!”