It says good things about an employer when you’ve worked there for 15 years. Like many now full-time staff, Kelly Byrne started at JB Hi-Fi doing work experience, and was then offered the chance to stay on. STACK‘s Roving Reporter has a chat with her about all things games.

This was all before she hit the games department, working in music and movies – “I think we still had VHS back then!”

Kelly has now been the games coordinator at Garden City for five years. Not only does she love the job, it’s also led to lasting friendships. “One of my friends runs an anime business,” Kelly tells us. “She came in asking for some anime games one day. We realised we were both going to Supanova that weekend and we ended up meeting up. That was three or four years ago now.”

In 15 years, you see some mad stuff come and go. The maddest? Kelly doesn’t hesitate. “Ooh, there was that Call of Duty one that had the fridge with it. It was insane!” That’d be the Black Ops III Juggernog Edition, and yes, it was nuts.

As far as what’s most popular at Garden City, Kelly says, “I actually do extremely well with Switch, PS4 and Pop! Vinyl.” She’s very excited about getting hold of the Britney Spears Pop! – as she should be!

Britney goes Pop!

Everybody has a favourite gaming platform, and for Kelly it’s Xbox. “I’ve got all of them, but I prefer online with my Xbox One X.”

Knowing that, it’s no surprise to hear that Kelly is most looking forward to Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – which is also her hottest pre-order. “There’s also been interest because the beta had a lot of good feedback.” It’s not all about the shooting though, as Kelly’s also keen on Yoshi’s Crafted World. “I’ve always been a Yoshi fan,” she says. “I’m pretty excited to get some Yoshi on.”

While she waits, Kelly’s still busy playing. “I just got Resident Evil 2, and I’m about 50 per cent of the way through Forza Horizon 4.”

But what about all-time favourites? Kelly doesn’t need much think time. “I like my Madden games. I like my American football and I had a lot of stupid fun with Madden 25. It’s really cool playing something different to your normal games. I’m a New Orleans Saints girl, and I had fun building up the dome there.”