We’re passionate about our games at STACK, and love the passion that we hear from those to whom we chat with when we roam.

If JB Green Hills, NSW, was closer to where we live, we’re sure that we’d spend a whole lot of time yapping with their games coordinator Nathan Wethered, whose enthusiasm is wonderfully infectious.

When we spoke, he’d literally just clocked up his first decade at JB, having worked at a few stores before settling at Green Hills for the past few years. “I started in DVDs, I was there for about a year or so, and then went over to games and it grew from that.”

Nathan doesn’t see his job as simply selling, but to help his customers perhaps find something new that they might enjoy as well.

“I definitely enjoy talking about what people love in games, and what they like and getting their feedback. Obviously, I can’t play everything, so just hearing people’s thoughts on games is pretty cool. Sharing what I’m passionate about, too, and maybe suggesting something they may have missed.”

:I’m a huge Pokémon fan,I grew up with it – Pokémon all the way!”

There’s no pause for thought when we ask Nathan what his best-selling games are.

“Definitely Rugby League! We’re in a very rural area and we have lots of people who love their Rugby League Live 4 – I’m forever transferring that in. Farming Simulator is another one that I have trouble keeping on the shelf.”

Personally, Nathan is right up with the latest gear, owning every system and looking forward to the next generation. He does admit to having a current favourite, though.

“I mostly play my Switch, as I love how portable it is – it’s really handy.”

Having started his gaming life on a diet of Super Nintendo and Game Boy, it’s no huge surprise to hear what Nathan’s all-time fave game series is.

“I’m a huge Pokémon fan, I grew up with it – Pokémon all the way! I’ve played every version since Red and Blue, when I played my brother back in the day.”

At the moment Nathan’s PS4 is getting a run, playing Horizon Zero Dawn, “Just because they’re releasing the number two game, Horizon Forbidden West, so I thought, ‘I’ve got to go back and finish that’. I’ve started diving into Ghost of Tsushima as well; the atmosphere is absolutely beautiful in that game.”