Tam Morriss, the games coordinator at JB Marion, SA, has been in the role for a couple of years now, having started out like many as a Christmas casual.

“I think it’s the most fun position in the store, because the customers are only here for entertainment. I really like talking to them about different games, particularly Nintendo – all the Switch games and explaining how they all work. It’s also really fun explaining it to parents who have no idea, and having them leave with a clear understanding of everything.”

It’s fair to say that Tam is quite a Switch fan – she has three of them.

“I’ve got three Switches now – the normal Pokémon one, the Pokémon Switch Lite and the Animal Crossing one.”

Tam’s love of Nintendo started when she was a kid, and she has a great story to share about it.

“I got my first Game Boy when I was eight – the Game Boy Pocket, black and white. We were going on a trip to Port Lincoln, it was an eight-hour drive. We left at like five in the morning or something and I was still sleeping, and when I woke up Mum was like, ‘Oh Tam, check under the seat and see if something’s there’ and it was the Game Boy Pocket! My eyes just bulged out of my head! So, I have that memory when parents are buying for their younger kids, because I remember how excited I was.”

When it comes to console allegiances, it isn’t all about Nintendo though…

“Definitely Nintendo, and a close second would be PlayStation, because I grew up with the original PlayStation as well.”

This is borne out by some of her favourite games.

“I love Animal Crossing, obviously, and I really like The Last Guardian on the PlayStation and The Last of Us series – that was incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever had a gaming experience like that.”

Like many of us, The Last of Us Part II really had a profound effect on Tam.

“Once I finished it I was kind of a bit shaken for a while, and I didn’t really want to go into anything else… I’m always playing Animal Crossing though.”