Some people do their job just to pay the bills, so it’s always refreshing when you encounter somebody who’s full of passion for their work. Xanthe Jeffrey at JB Warringah, NSW, loves games and, as she tells us how she got her start at JB, her enthusiasm is contagious.

“I’ve been at JB for almost three years. Games was a department that I’d always wanted to work in, because my interests have always been gaming related, and so much of my identity has been formed by games and gaming as a hobby. So, I expressed my interest and my manager supported me, suggesting I go for software coordinator first. So, I was software coordinator for a little bit and, when the position opened up for games coordinator, I went for it and yeah, I got it. Yay!”

Xanthe is just as effusive when telling of dealing with her ever-growing array of games customers.

“It’s such a diverse kind of hobby, and it can be something that’s so meaningful and shaping for people. In the same way that it built who I am, it can build other people and they can make friends, and create experiences through games. So, being able to find out how people are playing games and using their accessories I find both enjoyable and exciting.”

“…so much of my identity has been formed by games and gaming as a hobby”

Xanthe tells us that she’s always been a PlayStation kid.

“It all started when I was very, very little. I had a friend who got a PlayStation and I was introduced to gaming through Crash Bandicoot. I had this weird obsession with jungles, and the very first level in the first Crash was very jungle-based. I just fell in love with it, and I got home and begged my mum to get me a PlayStation. That Christmas we got one with Crash Bandicoot and it’s just been PlayStation ever since.”

As for her all-time fave game, Crash has to move aside for something with a western flavour.

“It’s Red Dead Redemption II. I feel like it changed me as a person, it was just so good! Being able to play Arthur Morgan the way that you wanted, and interpret and read into the characters and the world the way that you wanted, really spoke to me. It was so immersive – I just loved every minute of it.”