We’re profiling some of Australia’s biggest content creators to see what really makes them tick. This month we spoke to Grace – FallFromGrace – who is best known for her PUBG videos!

When did you first start out making YouTube videos?

I started YouTube in September 2012!

What got you into content creating in the first place?

I always watched other YouTubers playing games and doing commentaries and I was inspired by that. It seemed like the perfect way to share my passion for games, with other like-minded people around the world.

How has the scene changed since you first started with YouTube?

It has changed drastically, especially for me. YouTube as a platform has changed, which has driven me to make the switch to Twitch.tv – the streaming platform. I still upload regular videos onto YouTube, but my main focus is now on Twitch where I livestream 5-6 days a week!

What do you think is the best part about being a content creator?

It’s so hard to just think of one part that is the best… Having the freedom to express yourself and connect with your audience around that self-expression, is an amazing feeling. Being able to fire up a stream and instantly have an awesome group of people to talk to and hang out with, on a daily basis, is such a rewarding part of being a content creator. No matter what I stream whether it’s video games, cooking or even fitness, I have a core group of people that will always be there to support me and words can’t express how great that feels.

How many hours a day do you devote to producing videos/streaming content?

It’s a full-time job, at least 8 hours a day. As a content creator, you assume many different roles. I’m a small business owner, video editor, graphic designer, tech support, social media expert, the list goes on! From the moment I wake up, I’m checking YouTube comments, tweets, Instagram comments, emails etc, and that’s before I even get out of bed. If I compare it to my old job before I started creating content, I’d walk out of the office at 5 pm and my work day was over. The workday never ends when you create content, it becomes somewhat of an obsession, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other job. I love what I do.

Do you think Australia is behind in comparison with the rest of the world when it comes to recognising streaming/content creation as a viable career? 

It is definitely still a very niche industry in Australia. I’ve noticed this the most when I’m vlogging in public, people in Australia give you really strange looks, whereas in LA or even the UK people seem more understanding of what you’re doing. In terms of companies, however, I think people within the gaming industry are starting to see the value or content creators or ‘influencers’ and that’s really helpful when you’re trying to work with these brands. I’m one of the lucky ones in Australia with NBN, so I’m able to stream and uploaded with no internet woes.


What is some advice you’d give to anyone who would want to take up a career as a streamer or a content creator?

Becoming a streamer or content creator now is really tough. It’s so incredibly competitive and it’s very difficult to get noticed if you’re not already a well-established channel. If you’re starting from zero, I’d probably recommend starting on Twitch with livestreaming. There is less barrier to entry on Twitch with the new affiliate program as opposed to YouTube with their new partnership rules. Having said that, if you’re starting YouTube or Twitch with the intention to become rich and famous and make large sums of money, I think you should rethink your strategy. It’s very difficult to make a good living from either of the platforms. I started in 2012 and have only been full time for just over 1 year. For 5 years I was still working and studying on the side of content creation, just to make ends meet. If you have a passion for creating videos or streaming, then, by all means, go your hardest! Aside from being realistic about the income side of things with content creation, just have fun with it. Make content you want to make and on your terms, if you do that, you’ll love what you do and people will love watching it.

What does your setup look like?

My setup has been a constant work in progress ever since starting my channel in 2012. I actually just posted my gaming setup video on YouTube that outlines everything that I use for video creation and live streaming on Twitch. I’m very fortunate to have gained a lot of great partners over the years of growing my channels so my main pieces of tech are from Alienware, Astro, Elgato, RODE, Playstation, and Xbox. It’s so great to have everything in one place so I can easily start a stream or recording session.

imfallfromgrace setup

What’s the best thing to have come out of your career as a content creator?

Again, it’s so difficult to just choose one thing. Having the flexibility to be me on a daily basis and have people watch and support me is amazing. I don’t just play games, I’m also somewhat of an athlete. I compete in Obstacle Course Racing and actually represented Australia in the OCR World Championships in Canada last year. Being able to bring health and fitness onto Twitch and YouTube has been such a positive experience and being a gamer, there are a lot of people within my community that want to learn more and implement health and fitness into their own lives. I have been able to positively change some of my viewers’ lives by bringing this content and helping them make healthy changes, and that’s probably the most rewarding feeling ever.

If you weren’t doing this as a career, what do you think you would be doing?

Definitely something in fitness. I’ve been a gamer my entire life and it’s my passion, but if I wasn’t involved in the gaming industry, I’d definitely be pursuing something in the fitness world.

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