We’re profiling some of Australia’s biggest content creators to see what really makes them tick. This month? Jacko_GFreak.

Jacko is a 22-year-old from Australia who believes it’s the best place in the world for a snag on the barbie! Whilst he’s not gaming he’s a tradesman and keeps fit by hitting the Iron Paradise, boxing kangaroos and wrestling crocodiles. First person shooters PvP are his bread and butter, although he does sweat it out whilst playing some Tetris and Minesweeper, hence the sweatband that he wrestled off John Cena…

What got you into content creating?
I’ve always loved watching other people play games. I was inspired that these content creators had the ability to make someone’s day, make them smile and laugh, give advice and be entertaining to their audience. This was one of the reasons I wanted to get online. So… I looked at myself in the mirror and knew it was wasted talent hiding away beneath my gorgeous golden mullet, and so the GFreak arose. Now here I am broadcasting to people across the globe!

What do you usually stream?
I was a competitive Call of Duty player, so I tend to stream CoD the most. However, as I am a variety streamer, predominantly FPS, although I still like to dominate other games such as Apex Legends, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled and Spider-Man.

What do you think the best part about being a content creator is?
Definitely meeting some amazing people through my journey… clichéd, I know, but I have made plenty of friends around the globe, and have grown an amazing Twitch community because of it. I’m very grateful to have so much support around me, being able to create content for my community, enabling them to smile and forget about their problems for a few hours, or inspire them to get better at a game or to hit the gym and get jacked out of their mind!

Do you think Australia is behind in comparison with the rest of the world when it comes to recognising streaming/content creation as a viable career?
Absolutely! If you mention Twitch or live streaming to someone, there’s a one in nine chance they’ll know exactly what it is. Our timezones limit the audience we can reach, however in recent times since the Fortnite World Cup, sport stars, celebs and other events, there’s been more coverage on the news and more talk with investors getting on board within the scene

What is some advice you’d give to anyone who would want to take up a career as a streamer and content creator?

Absolutely go for it! It’s so good being able to create content for others on the internet and to be able to express yourself. My personal advice to anyone taking this up as a career is to invest in good graphics – this makes your channel look more appealing to watch; and be genuine and create content that you enjoy producing. There would be nothing worse streaming a game you hate! Another word of advice: don’t be too disheartened by the number of viewers you get at the very start of your streaming career. If you’re having fun and producing great content you’ll definitely get to wherever you want to be someday!

What does your setup look like?
In the GFreak Mancave, I have a PS4 Pro, Elgato HD60s, multiple Scuf Gaming Controllers, 2x monitors, DX Racer Chair, adjustable standing desk, 2x C922 Pro Cams, Elgato greenscreen, ring light, GeForce 2060 GPU, Kingston 120GB SSD, AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor and a protein shake with skim milk.

You can follow Jacko_GFreak on Twitch right here.

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