We’re profiling some of Australia’s biggest content creators to see what makes them tick. This month we get to know more about Twitch’s oldest man with the freshest moves, SlickFlow.

When was your first stream?
In October 2017 – it was for a joke with a group of friends that turned out to be heaps of fun. I’ve been addicted to streaming ever since.

Explain the inspiration behind your username.
I used to be a breakdancer, I was in a crew and we would go to all the high level breakdancing events or clubs and battle every weekend, but now I’m retired! I added sunglasses to my look to tie in with my Slick name.

Why the grandpa persona?
I’ve always loved entertaining people and making people laugh. I had my first grandpa mask made almost 10 years ago. I used that to make people laugh and make their day a little better. I’ve also been adding new characters along the way.

How many hours a day do you stream?
I dedicate eight hours a day, five days a week to my streams, but usually end up spending much more than that working on things in the background. I break into two live streams a day, at least four hours each session.


Do you think being in Australia makes it harder to grow as a content creator?
The internet in Australia is years behind the rest of the world, and the time zones make a huge difference when trying to gain international viewers to build your Twitch community.
However, I’ve noticed the Australian media is starting to take more notice and is talking more about streamers and esports as a whole. I believe this will increase exposure to people outside the gaming/streaming community, so I can see it growing more and more each year.

What is some advice you’d give to anyone who would want to take up a career as a streamer?
Have fun and stand out from the crowd. Becoming a content creator is very competitive and unless you have something unique to offer, you might not get noticed. After working out what type of content creator you want to be, you need to look at building and maintaining your community, always trying to keep things fresh and fun.

What’s the best thing to have come out of your streaming career?
I’ve always been a gamer (when I wasn’t training for the 1930 breakdancing championship), so being able to share my gameplay and make people laugh at the same time is a pretty amazing feeling. Also being able to hang out with funny, like-minded people in Twitch chat is always fun.

If you weren’t doing this as a career, what do you think you would be doing?
I’m a carpenter by trade, so I’d definitely be back doing that if I wasn’t streaming.


You can catch SlickFlow streaming every weekday, however you won’t be able to see him streaming on the weekends… that’s reserved for bingo!
Twitch: Slickflow
Twitter: @GSlickFlow