STACK’s Roving Reporter takes five with Alessandra Pinazo at JB Hi-Fi head office, VIC.

What’s the best thing about working in games at JB?
Mainly the bonds I’ve formed with people who have the same passion for games as I do. I love it that women in gaming are becoming increasingly present and empowered, especially as protagonists in AAA titles such as The Last of Us Part II and Horizon Zero Dawn (Thanks PlayStation!). My role in the retail/gaming setting also has a sweet balance between being extremely challenging and enjoyable. I feel incredibly privileged to be contributing to the rising gaming movement in the country.

What’s your earliest video gaming memory?
Watching my dad play (and dominate) Rush’n Attack on the NES led to my love of 2D side-scrollers. In terms of playing, my cousin and I attempted to play MS-DOS games such as Hugo’s House of Horrors, but struggled to put in commands as we didn’t know how to spell then “big” and “complicated” words such as “balloon”! I also played educational games such as Word Rescue and Mixed-Up Mother Goose, which probably explains my love for education and collecting degrees like they’re Infinity Stones!

What’s your all-time favourite game series?
My email profile picture has been Zelda (from Twilight Princess) for years, due to the fact that The Legend of Zelda is the greatest all-time game series! Wind Waker is my favourite entry within the franchise, because it was the only one that my siblings never wanted to play, so I had the opportunity to spend some time with it. A close second is Skyward Sword, because my siblings couldn’t beat the hard temples and I had to do it for them.


What have you been playing lately?
The perpetual answer to this is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. I’m always trying to speedrun and beat my previous completion time. When I’m not doing this, Pokémon Snap or Animal Crossing: New Horizons provide me with some life normality, as I can’t go outside for extended periods of time, take photos, and shop (which are some of my favourite real life pastimes!).

What would be your desert island console?
While I would love to say Nintendo Switch, I can’t go past the Xbox Series X. Not only is it a console, it’s an all-in-one media device! I could use it to stream, watch streaming services and sink many hours into games such as Bioshock and Halo, which would make me forget I was even on a desert island. However, when I do remember that I’m on a desert island, the Series X is so heavy that I could use it to smash open coconuts or throw at intruders!