STACK’s Roving Reporter takes five with Ash Marks at JB Hi-Fi South Wharf, VIC.

What’s the best thing about working in games at JB?
Talking about games with other passionate gamers, and introducing new gamers to some of my favourite games – knowing the incredible adventures that they’re about to embark on!

What’s your earliest video gaming memory?
Playing Pitfall on my brother’s old Atari console on a CRT TV with warped colours! And getting a Gameboy Colour for my birthday and having my very own console, with Pokémon Red.

What’s your all-time favourite game series?
Urrrgggghhhhhhhh! Pokémon or The Legend of Zelda? POKÉMON OR THE LEGEND OF ZELDA?! Probably Pokémon – my name’s Ash, not Link, after all! I’ve loved Pokémon in all its forms since 1999, and I still do. I love how the games are becoming more diverse and I’m super intrigued by Legends: Arceus. From trading cards to Pokémon Go, all of my needs as an obsessive collector are met, with bonus points for cataloguing and tracking collections. I love the adventure, the battling strategies, the collecting aspect and, obviously, the Pokémon themselves!

What have you been playing lately?
Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Is it even lockdown without it? I love having my daily routine, the chill vibe on my island and, honestly, feeling adored by my villagers. Seriously, nobody believes in me as much as they do! I’ve also jumped back into Spider-Man: Miles Morales because it’s such an epic game. The fighting style is so cool and the moves look awesome on the PS5. The characters are so well-rounded, moving and hilarious, and even just swinging around the city between missions still feels rewarding.

Mario Kart Double Dash

What would be your desert island console?
Nintendo GameCube. It has all of my favourite games, and it’s my favourite controller (I honestly don’t know why), plus I have so many good memories of playing Mario Kart Double Dash with my brother. I could play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the rest of my life and still be happy – I might finally conquer the Tower of the Gods! Also, the handle is great, and I feel like it’s the most likely console to survive desert island life.