STACK’s Roving Reporter takes five with Karl Furness at JB Hi-Fi Ipswich, QLD.

What’s the best thing about working in games at JB?
Our games departments are a fun and exciting environment to work in. I most enjoy when a family are buying their first console and we are discussing what everyone enjoys, it’s a great place to impart knowledge of the products and make sure that they go home with the full solution.

What’s your earliest video gaming memory?
My first memory of gaming would be the SEGA Master System. I remember playing the built-in game Alex Kidd in Miracle World and that you couldn’t save your progress, so finishing a game in one sitting was always tricky and exciting. Battletoads was another game I played in the early days – I still have nightmares about the motorbike segment!

What’s your all-time favourite game?
My favourite game would have to be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I’ve put more hours and had more replays of this game than I care to think about. I’ve also owned it on five different systems, so that’s pretty crazy!

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

What have you been playing lately?
I’ve been loading up on all the goodies on Xbox Game Pass with Outriders and Forza Horizon 4 mostly, as well as some of the older Bethesda back catalogue. On the Nintendo Switch I’m replaying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – when I’m not playing Hades!

What would be your desert island console?
My Nintendo Switch! I’ve put hundreds of hours into so many games for the Switch, and the impressive library of indie titles make it my go-to desert island console. I might need to take a solar charger though…