Wild shark-led chomp ’em up Maneater is out and about, so STACK threw a few questions the way of its developers, Tripwire.

What first planted the seed for developing a shark-based revenge tale?
The first iteration of this game started as a mod that revolved around a very fun shark-eating-human mechanic. Once the vision was fully realised, it was off to the races!

Did you sit through each and every shark movie to research Maneater? If so, which do you think is the best of them?
The shark has been such a significant part of pop culture that we didn’t really need to do a deep dive. But the answer you’re looking for is of course Sharknado. How could you go wrong?

How do you think players will feel controlling a vengeful, human-chomping sea predator?
I think players are really going to have a lot of fun with the Pup to Predator power fantasy we’ve constructed for them. Taking your shark from baby to super-powered beast of legend is extremely rewarding.

Which way does gameplay skew, more arcade or more RPG?
Definitely more arcade.

How did you go about mastering shark physics?
One of our lead character designers is extremely into sharks. He really took the design of the shark and grounded it. We ultimately wanted the core gameplay to be fun and arcade-y, but the movements to still look real.

Did you take the opportunity to “improve upon nature” at all with the game’s protagonist?
Oh definitely. Without spoiling anything, there are some real fun ways that the player shark can be upgraded.

What’s your favourite move in-game?
The whipshot, hands down.

Are there any special Easter eggs or other hidden goodies that players should keep an eye out for?
One thing we really love about the game is that all of the in-game billboard ads are for fake businesses, but feature real photos of members of the Tripwire dev team. They’re all hilarious, and our hardcore fans have already started point out who’s who.

Do Hall and Oates make any sort of appearance in the game? 😉
Unfortunately no!

Maneater is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a Switch version scheduled for later in the year.

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