If you’ve invested in PlayStation VR you’ll already be quite familiar with muttering “Wow!” Here are trailers for 10 recent and forthcoming releases which will quite possibly add even more wow to your VR life.


The Inpatient

Expected release: November 22, 2017

A first-person survival horror outing from the people behind Until Dawn, The Inpatient is also set in the same universe – just 60 years prior to those fateful events. You’re an amnesiac in the Blackwood Sanatorium and you want your memories back, damn it!

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Bravo Team

Expected release: December 6, 2017

You’re somewhere in modern day Eastern Europe, and you’ve got a whole lot of intense cover shooter action to get your head – and arsenal – around. Especially so as your mission goes all shades of wrong and you’d kind of like to survive as the city falls apart around you.

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Soul Dimension

Expected release: Available now

A puzzle adventuring experience in six episodes, Soul Dimension combines sneaky puzzles with all-out dramatic action. You’re Frank – the name, not the adjective – and you can trip through dreams. This is handy, as you have to rescue your daughter who’s become trapped in a dream world.



Expected release: Available now

Thanks to technology, not all sport is possible in the real world – as this “vSport” demonstrates. Sparc is a sort of future squash, which sees players compete in fast-paced, full-body online VR gameplay, against friends or other challengers. You can also hang around offline to hone those skills.


Don’t Knock Twice

Expected release: September 2017

A tie-in with the horror movie of the same name starring Katee Sackhoff, Don’t Knock Twice is a VR horror outing based upon a terrifying urban legend involving a demonic witch. You’re a mother trying to save her estranged daughter as you scour a full-on interactive haunted house.

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Light Tracer

Expected release: September 2017

A VR platform puzzler? Yes please! Light Tracer casts you as a curious godlike entity, armed with a magical light staff in one hand and the ability to interact with the world using your other. Guide a princess up a giant tower, spinning the world at your whim to gain a better perspective on any perils ahead.


End Space

Expected release: 2017

SPACESHIP!!! End Space will see the player taking command of a super-advanced starfighter, tasked with protecting the United Trade Consortium’s top-secret jump drive technology from spacey insurgents. Succeed and fame and fortune will be earned in the process – sweet!


PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry

Expected release: 2017

When we think of PixelJunk, we think of bright colours and lots of shootiness. This one’s a bit different though. Billed as a “grill action VR game”, little old cheftastic you has to concoct all manner of fast food meals to satisfy marauding zombies – and to avoid becoming a brain-craving shambler yourself.


Shooty Fruity

Expected release: 2017

…and now the Chuck Berry song of similar title is jammed in our heads – oh rutti! Anyway, lucky you starts work at Super Megamart, only to find yourself under attack from genetically mutated fruit – heavily armed genetically mutated fruit. Mush them, smush them – just use any means at hand to destroy them all!


Voltron VR Chronicles

Expected release: 2017

Players will get to become a part of the Voltron: Legendary Defender universe, traipsing through iconic locations alongside favourite characters. From getting spacey and piloting the Blue Lion in insane battles to defeat Zarkon through to standing on the bridge of the Castle Ship, there’ll be myriad puzzles and challenges along the way.


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