This year has seen the cinematic returns of both Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King, giving the classic stories an updated spit and polish.

Now, much the same is set to happen for the classic 16-bit era video games of the two titles – they’re even being packaged together.

As you’d hope, a bunch of enhancements and bonuses are being shoehorned into the package that’s set to hit PS4, Xbox One and Switch sometime before Christmas.

The original versions will be included, along with graphically upscaled takes. Save states, customisable controls, and a bunch of cheat features will also be packed in, as well as a museum of behind the scenes bits and bobs, including interviews, art and music.

On top of all this, Aladdin will feature a “final cut”, along with the 1993 trade show demo version. Here, take a look: