The huge PlayStation 5 announce last week was full of surprises, including a new Spider-Man game for the forthcoming console.

Focusing on alterna-Spidey Miles Morales, few details were given, so initial assumptions were that it was a wholly new Spider-Man game.

Then came word that it was simply new DLC for a PS5 update of the PS4 Spider-Man game, but with “major enhancements to the game and the game engine”.

Developers Insomniac have since clarified, to a point, claiming that it indeed will be a standalone game. As such, it’s believed that it will be a spin-off from the original game, in much the same way that Uncharted: Lost Legacy and The Last of Us: Left Behind were.

Al that we know is looking at the trailer has us itching to get our hands on this, whatever format it may take!

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