Electronic Arts decided to sidestep E3 this year to present their own big show, and EA Play Live 2021 certainly delivered some exciting news.

Hosted by WWE champ Xavier Woods (aka Austin Creed), we received updates on upcoming titles big and small, covering the gamut from indies to sports, and shooters to a sci-fi classic.

GRID Legends
First up came the welcome announcement of a new instalment in Codemasters’ classic GRID series. Taking a leaf from its sibling, the recently launched F1 2021, GRID Legends is set to introduce a full-on story mode on top of all the wild vehicular action. This will add an extra layer of competition, with top-notch actors signing on for live action sequences, including Sex Education‘s Ncuti Gatwa. This footage is being created using the same cutting edge virtual environment tech that they use in making The Mandalorian.

Beyond the story, we’re promised cool locations like Moscow and London, as well as a bigger range of vehicles than ever, including touring cars, muscle cars, open wheelers, trucks, electric vehicles, hypercars, drift monsters and more, plus there’ll be modes where they can all be raced against each other – witnessing a big rig taking out an open wheeler is carnage in the extreme! GRID Legends is slated for release sometime in 2022. Check it out:

Battlefield 2042
It’s the big one for shooter lovers, and a whole new mode was announced that’s set to pay big time service to fans. To be known as Battlefield Portal, this new, community-driven mode is set to “change the rules of war”, by presenting collisions of different eras via content from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and seven maps from Battlefield 2042. Players will be able to create their own battles and share them, with power over several variables in order to create truly unique scenarios. Portal is set to be available when the game launches on October 22, Get a load of this:

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Dead Space
The return of this classic EA sci-fi horror franchise was saved right until the end of proceedings, but we can’t wait that long to mention it! Coming exclusively to new-gen consoles and PC, the original is being completely rebuilt by Motive Studios, using EA’s Frostbite game engine. If you’ve never had the pleasure – it has been a while, as Dead Space originally released way back in 2008 – it’s the tale of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who’s assigned to repair massive starship the USG Ishimura. The only problem is that something’s gone horribly awry, as the ship’s crew has been slaughtered, and infected by some form of alien virus. Oh yeah, and Isaac’s partner is lost somewhere on board… Isaac must battle alien necromorphs and his dwindling sanity in order to survive. Here’s the teaser trailer that was just unveiled:

Lost in Random
The EA Originals programme has given us some top gameplay from the likes of the Unravel games, A Way Out and the recent It Takes Two, and they’re set to be joined by this latest effort from Sweden’s Zoink!. The first thing that strikes you about Lost in Random is the unique art style – with a hand-painted meets claymation kind of vibe, as well as a real gothic, Tim Burton-esque influence. One of just eight games to feature in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival’s Games Spotlight, as protagonist Even you and your sentient dice buddy Dicey must set out to break the curse of Random, experiencing unique combat systems along the way. It’s due for release on September 10 – here, have some more!

The EA Sports staple soccer series is set to unleash a whole reality upgrade this year in what EA are calling ‘HyperMotion’. We already got a taste of this recently in a new reveal (watch it just below), but two new Ultimate Team Heroes were revealed to join the likes of Milito, Gomez, Keane and Australia’s Tim Cahill, in Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Lars Ricken. FIFA 22 kicks off on October 1.

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Madden NFL 22
American footy makes its annual sortie onto our consoles, promising the smartest, most realistic experience yet via the all-new ‘Dynamic Gameday’ system, which utilises next-gen stats, as well as injecting gameday atmospheric elements into proceedings. Releasing on August 20, here’s an encore of the reveal trailer:

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Apex Legends
The free-to-play battle royale hero shooter is set to enter season 10 on August 3, with the new Emergence experience:

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Knockout City
The recently-released epic dodgeball experience is entering season two on July 28, and this will see it fighting at the movies!