The Game Awards is done for another year – here’s everything you missed. 

Sony Santa Monica took home Game of the Year for God of War, Red Dead Redemption II took home its own handful of awards, and new Mortal Kombat and Crash Bandicoot games were announced – another bumper year at the Game Awards!

This year heralded the Game Awards’ fifth year, where games as a service are a big deal and a tonne of new games were announced.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a dance game of sorts coming to the Switch, alongside the surprise reveal of Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3.

Journey to the Savage Planet also looks intriguing.

The Stanley Parable is making its way to consoles in an Ultra Deluxe edition – super stoked for people to check that out.

Among Trees was another new title announced, and a very special moment was shared on stage between Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. Check it out:

the game awards 2018

The Game Awards Orchestra had a huge role to play in the night, performing a bunch of different tracks including Devil Trigger from DMC5 and a game of the year medley.

We saw a new McLaren car pack for Rocket League revealed, as well as a new clip from Alita: Battle Angel. 

Far Cry: New Dawn was a new post-apocalyptic Far Cry spinoff announced for Feb 15 that looks a lot like RAGE.

We got a new Anthem trailer, and CTR: Crash Team Racing was confirmed for a remaster releasing in June.

One of the best moments of the show goes to Ninja’s award for Content Creator of the Year – partly due to Ninja, and partly due to the cuties that delivered it:

Obsidian revealed their new game called The Outer Worlds. 

BioWare lifted the covers on what looks to be a new Dragon Age game, with a very short trailer and #TheDreadWolfRises.

Survived By and Stranger Things 3: The Game were also revealed.

Mortal Kombat 11 was announced for April 23, and Psychonauts 2 was also a surprise reveal.

RAGE 2 got a new trailer and a release date of May 14.

The last big reveal of the night was that Persona characters are coming to Smash Bros!

Here is the full list of winners from the evening:

Best Action Game – Dead Cells

Best RPG – Monster Hunter World

Best Esports Team – Cloud9

Best Esports Game – Overwatch

Best Esports Event – League of Legends World Championships

Best Esports Host – Sjokz

Best Esports Coach – Reapered

Best Esports Moment – C9’s comeback win in triple overtime vs FaZe

Best Student Game – Combat 2018

Best Narrative – Red Dead Redemption II

Best Performance – Roger Clarke, Arthur Morgan in RDR2

Best Score/Music – RDR2

Best Audio Design – RDR2

Best Art Direction – Return of the Obra Dinn

Best Mobile Game – Florence

Best VR/AR Game – Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Content Creator of the Year – Ninja

The “LeBron James of Sitting”, or Best Esports Player – SonicFox

Best Debut Indie Game – The Messenger

Best Fighting Game – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Best Family Game – Overcooked 2

Best Strategy Game – Into the Breach

Best Independent Game – Celeste

Game for Impact – Celeste

Best Sports/Racing Game – Forza Horizon 4

Best Game Direction – God of War

Best Action/Adventure Game – God of War

Best Ongoing Game – Fortnite

Best Muiltiplayer Game – Fortnite

Game of the Year – God of War

What a night. Thanks Geoff, and congratulations to all the winners. Until next year.