Watch Dogs Legion and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint made for a convivial Ubisoft afternoon at E3 2019.

After sitting through the Ubisoft press conference on Monday (LA time), Watch Dogs Legion and Ghost Recon Breakpoint were the two priority titles for us to get in front of. Fortunately, these were both on the menu at our visit this afternoon with Ubi.

To be fair, any Ghost Recon title is a firm STACK favourite, so going hands-on for an hour was a great start. The mission was a four-player co-op attack on an enemy encampment. Appointed as the sharpshooter (no pressure taking out the vital targets, then), we were tasked with going in with stealth, or going loud from the start. Opting for the former, it didn’t take long for the suppressors to be ditched. Unfortunately, a power cut struck at a vital part of the mission, wiping out all of the console stations.

But we’d seen enough to convince us, even at this early stage, that the essence of what you want from a quality Ghost Recon title is present – with so much more. The environmental sounds are breathtaking; birds chirping, the undergrowth parting as our foursome silently made the way to the objective. And when triggers were pulled, the confusion of battle and tactical flanking enemies outlined how much work has been done on the AI.

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Then it was on to Watch Dogs Legion. I was initially sold on the concept of the first Watch Dogs from a hands-on in 2014 at E3, but lost interest playing the full release and subsequently passed the review of Watch Dogs 2 on to another reviewer. But with Legion, I’m back. We’ll dig deeper in the July issue of STACK, but the opportunities in this game are literally endless. Set in London post-Brexit, the city is in disarray and a part of a group known as DedSec, your job is to recruit members of the public to your cause against the authoritarian regime now ruling London.

Under the supervision of a dev from the game, we took the aggressive approach to our stealth objectives, eliciting fits of laughter from our guide who kept telling us he had no idea the game could be played this way. That’s a prime example of the depth of this game and how it will keep gamers engaged for hours and hours. Ubisoft has taken a game that had become lacklustre by number two and turned it on its head. Watch Dogs Legion is shaping up to be a corker.

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