Ubisoft gave ten animation studios around the world carte blanche to do whatever the heck they wanted with their dopey – but totally lovable – Rabbids. Here are the results.

Highlighting “the absurdity of human society through the Rabbids’ eyes”, they include entries from both Machinima and the Cyanide & Happiness people, Explosm.

From playing with Portal guns to 1980s discos, there’s a whole bunch of ace silliness to absorb.

If you wish to hope straight to any particular animation, here are the times:

0:17 “Follow the White Rabbid” by Meat Dept (France/USA)

3:00 “How I Left Your Father” by Explosm (USA)

4:43 “Bromance” by Kanaban Graphics (Japan)

6:20 “Schizoophrenia” by Souviens Ten-Zan (France)

8:25 “Shut the Butt Up” by Stoopid Buddies (USA)

9:48 “Rabbids Royale” by Mostapes (South Korea)

11:35 “Bizarre Love Rabbids” by Machinima (USA)

13:15 “Augment Your life” by Hierro Animación (Colombia)

15:01 “Love at First Bite” by Fanworks (Japan)

16:41 “Artificial Stupidity” by Rabbids Invasion Team @Ubisoft (France)

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