Ubisoft’s E3 2019 conference saw the unveiling of Watch Dogs Legion, the latest in the series of tech-laden dystopian action games.

An extended preview spirited us away to London, complete with everything that you’d expect – black cabs, the Underground, Cockney accents, the London Eye, Camden Market, red telephone boxes, killer robots…

Yep, killer robots – we did say tech-laden!

As well as avoiding future tech enemies, this means that players can also harness such devices for their own ends, doing things like riding drones – and letting loose awesome face-crushing spider mechs.

The biggest technological advance on display in Watch Dogs Legion, however, is in its gameplay. There’s no one protagonist. Instead, the player can apparently inhabit the body of absolutely anybody who they come across, be it a teenage hacker, a former spy or a granny feeding the pigeons in the park (who just so happens to be one kick-arse assassin). So, recruit whomever you wish and build a resistance against a rapidly encroaching authoritarian regime.

Promising solo play or up to four in online co-op, Watch Dogs Legion is set to drop for PS4 and Xbox One on March 6, 2020. Here’s 10 minutes of gameplay to get those juices flowing:

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