Independent video game industry body the IGEA has today released a bunch of data that proves something we already had a fair idea of – Australians love their video gaming.

That being acknowledged, the figures are still quite impressive. Considering how many leisure time options we have, for sales to be up right across the board compared to 2016 is really rather astonishing.

As a nation, we spent A$3.23 billion  – yes, billion – on games and gaming hardware in 2017, which is a nine per cent increase over 2016.

Great news for those who like to have something tangible is that physical sales are up 11 per cent, so all the doomsayers declaring that the future is totally digital can just shut up and realise that there’s space in the market for both those who like something to have and to hold, and those who prefer the perceived convenience of downloads.

Meanwhile, sales of the things that need to be fed the games are also way up – 36 per cent up – and that’s not all Nintendo Switch sales (although it made a significant impact).

“Despite the huge amount of entertainment options available to Australians, the appetite for games shows no signs of waning, evidenced by growth across the entire industry,” says Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA. “In 2017, we saw gamers embrace new and updated consoles. At the same time, there was lots of love shown and nostalgia for old favourites – both hardware and games. Australians enjoy buying products in-store, where they can seek out hands-on experiences and advice from retail staff, and similarly they are very comfortable downloading full games and additional content.”

For those visual types, here are the figures in pretty picture form…

IGEA 2017

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