The EGAA – Esports Games Association Australia and New Zealand – has been formulated to unify the burgeoning esports industry locally.

The body is dedicated to growing and further legitimising esports in the two countries. They’re getting straight down to business, too, organising an esports conference at Sydney’s Darling Harbour on March 14, then acting as an official partner supporting MCV Pacific with the Esports Pro Oceania Awards later that day.

The EGAA aim to work as a unifying force, bringing together players, teams, managers, organisers and sponsors, all in the name of improving the structures and standards for the whole Australia/NZ esports scene.

To further their aims, the EGAA will provide members with access to an industry conference, facilitate communication, networking, professional development and education, as well as providing an avenue for engagement in esports for members with government and business, assistance in league and organisation structure and more.

A passionate group of local esports industry names makes up the founding board of the EGAA. You could say that we’re eager (sorry) to witness them succeed in their ambitions in this exciting gaming space.

Find out more about the EGAA at their website, here.