The ace new God of War has two great stars in Kratos and his son, Atreus, but there’s also a third – the Leviathan Axe. Fancy making one of your own? Of course you do!

As a tie-in with the game’s launch on April 20, PlayStation Australia has teamed up with the Eveleigh Works blacksmith school in Redfern, NSW to offer fans an incredible God of War-inspired axe-making masterclass.

Those who partake will not only receive a lesson in the skills of one of the world’s oldest trades, but will also get to cast their own ornamental (aww, nuts!) Leviathan Axe. The workshop will cover everything from casting right through to the final finishing of the handle.

It doesn’t come cheap at $320 per person – we doubt Bunnings will be quivering in their tradie’s boots – but it does sound like a rather unique experience. Tickets go on sale on April 17 here.

It’s also no “blink and you’ve got yourself an axe” type of thing, as the course commences on April 21 and runs for four or five hours each Saturday for five weeks. Hey, great craftsmanship takes time!

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