Our man at E3, Paul Jones, was hyped to play Borderlands 3 – and it turned out to be justified. He tells us more.

A few months back, our esteemed colleague, Nathan Lawrence, headed to LA to get a global first look at Borderlands 3. Beyond envious, I was counting down the days to E3 and made sure that the game was on the first day of the show.

The prerequisite introduction to the forthcoming hands-on session in a darkened room that most publishers employ at E3 does nothing but entice the draw of sleep deprivation. However, this was soon shaken out of me with a controller in hand and the start button frantically pressed.

Gearbox has resisted the temptation to change the ingredients to a successful recipe; it immediately feels like a Borderlands game but way, way tighter. It was a short session (I was literally yanked off the station) and I will go more in-depth in the coming July issue of STACK, but this is by far the best game that I played today.

An attack on an enemy position presented relentless waves of foes, satisfyingly despatched with a combination of assault rifle, shotgun and grenades. But the best was saved for jumping in the mech suit, restricted by fuel consumption, and with each arm containing a variety of weapon choices. With limited points to upgrade the options, I had to contend with a grenade launcher and a machine gun. As brief as the look was, this was fun, so much fun!

It’s an early call, and I’ve yet to play DOOM Eternal, but in terms of shooter hands-on opportunities, this one will take some beating at E3 this year.

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