A cool new update has landed for Microsoft Flight Simulator, adding a whole Top Gun: Maverick experience to proceedings.

The free update for the Xbox Series X|S and Windows exclusive, released to coincide with the new Tom Cruise movie, was made in partnership with the movie people and its distributor, Paramount.

Here are the details: “Develop the skills required and navigate complexities encountered by actual Top Gun pilots in authentic locations, including a carrier deck landing challenge, one of the most demanding operations in the world of military aviation. The Top Gun: Maverick expansion also contains a Maverick Edition livery for the F/A-18E Super Hornet, Super Hornet training missions that will introduce you to radical flight manoeuvres, five high-speed, low-level challenges through mountains and canyons, a never-before-unveiled hypersonic aircraft, and a mission to roar into the stratosphere.”

Apparently the expansion will “push your piloting abilities to the limits and beyond!”

Hey, that sounds good to us – check it out:

Microsoft Flight Simulator at JB Hi-Fi.