Beast Quest, the hugely popular series of kid’s fantasy adventure books, is coming to life on PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s all happening in Melbourne.

Bayswater Victoria based Torus Games are developing Beast Quest for Maximum Games. Think an action adventure with simple RPG elements, dark magic, dragons, swords and bad, bad beasties to defeat. Fail in yoru quest and the Kingdom of Avantia will fall into ruin – and you won’t be a very popular sword-wielder.

Beast Quest, written by many authors but all under the pseudonym ‘Adam Blade’, currently has a library of some 120 books, with sales north of 17 million. That’s a lot of young fantasy lovers out there who are sure to be excited for this game, which is due at the end of October.

Have a peek at what’s in store right here…

While you wait for Beast Quest, try a spot of Dragon Quest at JB Hi-Fi.