Ever fancied racing against six-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton? Now, with Gran Turismo Sport on PS4, you can.

Hamilton appeared at this year’s World Finals of GT Sport in Monaco, where he chatted with the finalists and also participated in an exhibition race.

The Lewis Hamilton Time Trial was also announced, in which you can challenge his actual in-game lap times and even race against his ghost car. It’s a new single-player game mode available as paid DLC for Gran Turismo Sport.

The DLC also includes driving replays and video tutorials by Lewis himself, so you may even come out of it all a better racer. After all, the guy knows a thing or three about the subject.

As well as all that, the DLC also includes various cars awarded for clearing the events, as well as an unlock for the game credit limit and other special prizes. Plus, you get to race in the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and the Sauber Mercedes C9.

If you don’t feel like paying for more game, the latest Gran Turismo Sport update also includes a bunch of new rounds, and five new free cars – RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7, Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupe 20, RUF CTR3 ’07, Toyota 86 GT “Limited” ’16 and BMW M3 Coupe ’03.

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