Upcoming anime action adventure Code Vein is sure shaping up to be quite the event. Here’s a sneak peek at the intro cinematic.

Described as “a story driven connected dungeon experience”, Code Vein is set in a post-apocalyptic world where memories are traded for power to stave off the evil Lost. The aim is to employ teamwork (AI or human) and fight your way out of this living nightmare.

Boasting complex character customisation – both character and arsenal-wise – and all manner of ‘Gift’ ability enhancements to choose from, Code Vein is looking like it will deliver a whole world of inspired combat challenge.

Code Vein is set for release on PS4 and Xbox One on September 27. Pre-order now to secure three Code Vein X God Eater weapons, the Blood Veil Ogre “Venous Claw” and an accessory set containing the Blood Code: Harbinger, the Harbinger Shining Hair (x3) and two communication stamps.