Our list of amazing LEGO sets to ask Father Christmas for continues to swell, with the announcement of a huge Bowser that is completely awesome.

Mind you, we’ll have to hope the big, red-clad jolly guy is feeling generous, as it isn’t set to be anything resembling cheap at A$399.

But, for all of those bucks the trade-off is that you get a 32cm high model of the Mushroom Kingdom’s biggest bad made from 2,807 pieces. It’s poseable and, best of all for many, will be news that he can shoot fireballs from his ample mouth. What could possibly go wrong there?

It also comes with two towers – to knock down, of course – and interacts with the little electronic Mario, Luigi and Peach characters.

LEGO Bowser

If you’re both a Nintendo and LEGO fan it’s yet another must-have, and at least we have until October 1 to save up.

Until then, we’ll just have to keep plugging away at Bowser’s Fury on our Switch.

Here’s a closer look at it all:

Bowser at JB Hi-Fi.